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Homestay - Nalukettu Heritage Home


Nalukettu is a typical Kerala homestead especially built for large families. The architecture of such houses are simple while the construction is unique. The whole structure is one rectangle which has another rectangle or square inside it. The larger or the outer rectangle consists of the rooms and verandah; And the inner shape for yard only. The rooms of this exclusive traditional construction is further divided into four like Vadakini(North) Thekkini(South) Kizhakkini(East) and Padinjattini(West). The building design and site planning are monitored by a learned stapathi (master builder) who combines the technical matters with astrology and science. The four halls, identical to the nalambalam (the outer structure around the sanctum sanctorumof a temple), may be divided into several rooms for different activities such as cooking, dining, sleeping, studying, storage of grains etc. The building may have one or two malika (upper storeys) depending on the size and importance of the household. It can also have a further enclosed courtyard by a repetition of the nalukettu to form ettukettu (eight-halled building).Nalukettu will also have large verandahs supported by huge wooden pillars, a padippura (a gate house) and cattle shed. The padippura resembles a gopuram (a monumental pagoda at the entrance of temples) which may contain one or two rooms for guests. Besides, bathing tanks, wells, farm buildings, grain stores etc. will be there, protected with an all round compound wall or fence.The Mattancherry palace at Kochi and the Taikottaram of the Padmanabhapuram palace near Kanyakumari are two of the best preserved examples of nalukettu.

Nalukettu Heritage Home

Well, tradition has no expiry date! it belongs to memories, it endures thoughts and its our way to escape into. Nalukettu homestay is as special as those traditions u keep as assets. Here we offer you a packet of breeze, a bunch of peace and bottled nature. if you've ever been in Kerala you would be much more likely to see it's culture , and here it is.

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